Decrease number of queries for admin generated module: the better way

Recently I saw two posts in the symfony blogosphere about decreasing number of queries in admin generated module (in January on Techie Corner, and today on Symfony world - which prompted me to write this post). And both bloggers seemed to be happy with overwriting buildQuery method of the module's action class. But generator.yml provides more elegant solution for admin generated modules.

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symfony command line tool with custom php.ini

I recently changed hosting service provider. It's acutally quite great. It's shared hosting, so it's not that expensive like vps, got secure shell (ssh) access and it serves website much faster than previous hoster. Plus I got the place to play with python, php5.3, and if (or rather when) I'd turn to it as well, Ruby on Rails.

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sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin 1.5.5 - now speaks German

Another version of sfForkedDoctrineApply doesn't bring any new functionality nor fixes (thankfully). It just adds new translation files - this time German.


Translation was created by Daniel Hanke and provided by Tristan Bessoussa. Adding this translation means that sfForked is availabe in 6 languages altogether: English, French, Italian, German, Russian and Polish.