Howto list module's methods in python

I'm testing efficiency of three mysql connector libraries: mysql-connector, MySQLdb and oursql, within sqlalchemy. Took me a while to prepare basis, but after that, I began to wonder, how to make more methods, and run them, without worrying about their inclusion into testing process?

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fzBlameablePlugin 1.1.1 released

I've just released version 1.1.1 of fzBlameable Plugin providing Blameable behaviour  for doctrine models in symfony 1.4. This package contains two fixes prepared by Gábor Egyed.

First fix adds check whether context exists. Second fix allows blameable behaviour to work as expected got user model itself and self edit profiles.

fzBlameablePlugin 1.1.0

About half year has pased since the release of sfDoctrineGuard 5.x. I decided, that it was the time to update default values for fzBlameable behaviour.

Since now, you don't have to chenge the created_by and updated_by field length in Behaviour definition if you run your website on sfDoctrineuard 5.x, ut you'll have to set fields length to 4, if you haven't upgraded your sfDoctrineGuard yet.

Adittionally this release allows you to change foreignAlias on relation between sfGuardUser and your blameable model.