pyramid_fullauth 0.3.0 released!

After over a month of work I've finally released version 0.3.0 of pyramid_fullauth! This release changes are mostly to testing the package, as with it, it finally reached 100% code coverage, but along I also introduced automatic style checking with pep8, pylint, pep257 and mccabe linter, so in-code changes were big enough, that I had to release it as a new minor version.

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Elasticsearch analyzers

Elasticsearch is all the buzzwords recently. There are projects using it to fast distributed search, as a document database and as a tool for data analysis. I've wanted to check out Elasticsearch for some time already, even more, since I've been at lecture about aggregations in Elasticsearch by Honza Král at PyConPL 2013 . I recently got a chance to check it out migrating project from whoosh to elasticsearch. And first thing I noticed about Elasticsearch from solutions I've been using so far are analyzers.

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Pylama - Python developer's helpful companion

Everyone might have a hard time to keep his code clean, shiny according to pep8, and not to mention that there are other extensions to ` pep8 <>`_ rules, like pyflakes, or other linters for that matter. Of course, each linter can be installed, but imagine the need to run each separately, to determine what's in your code that should be fixed. Here comes Pylama.

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How to kill a process hanging on a port

Sometimes when you develop, you might find yourself with strange error. It says that the process you're trying to start is trying to use port, that is already being used. It's strange, because it is usually You, who used this port on previous run. If that's the case, then fuser command should relieve you from this error.

For example:

fuser 6543/tcp -k

The k parameter is responsible for actual killing. Without it, the command would just identify which process is using port/socket in question.